I have been messing with a few of the more basic principles of reflection recently. The main points include pulling out a list of types from a given assembly and then reviewing the members of those specific Types.

        public static void ReviewTypes()
            // Checking out a specific assembly
            Assembly a = Assembly.Load("Mscorlib.dll");
            Type[] mytypes = a.GetTypes();
            foreach (Type ty in mytypes)
                Console.WriteLine("Type is {0}", ty);

            Console.WriteLine("{0} types have been located", mytypes.Length);

        public static void ReviewMembers()
            // examine a single type
            Type thisType = Type.GetType("System.Reflection.Assembly");
            Console.WriteLine("This Type is {0}", thisType);

            // get all the associated members
            MemberInfo[] mbrInfoAll = thisType.GetMembers();
            foreach (MemberInfo mbrInfoSelect in mbrInfoAll)
                Console.WriteLine("{0} is a {1}", mbrInfoSelect, mbrInfoSelect.MemberType);

This type of granular interrogation of types\members at runtime can be very helpful!


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