I often struggle with finding just the right words during yearly performance reviews, and so a old manager of mine supplied me with a cheat sheet of performance appraisal, simple one liners, that would help me quickly complete an upcoming review for myself and my peers. Well I have lost that particular list and I have assembled something very similar for my own sanity.

I have always considered it a little egocentric to sit down and really think hard about how I can pat myself on the back annually, so I hope this helps make the experience a little more comfortable for everyone. The comments have been grouped, but many would serve just as well in other sections.

Quality Service

  • Exhibits superior Knowledge of job content and requirements.
  • Proposes recommendations that show breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Exhibits outstanding skills even in the most difficult job situations.
  • Knowledge and expertise is relied on by others.

Professional/Technical Knowledge & Skills

  • Knows and applies principles, techniques, technology and practices that demonstrate competency in the particular job function.
  • Achieves, maintains and demonstrates necessary knowledge and skill level to perform currently assigned work responsibilities.
  • Keeps informed of current developments.
  • Understands work procedures.


  • Collaborates with others to identify strategies for resolution of customer issues.
  • Demonstrates professional, high-service attitude.
  • Monitors customers’ feedback and acts proactively.
  • Communicates to customers and effectively implements resolution strategies.
  • Always willing to go beyond what may be expected to meet the needs of customers.
  • Anticipates future customers’ needs and creates plans to enhance service.
  • Consistently follows up with customers and others to ensure customer satisfaction and proper resolution .


  • Attempts to use logical reasoning in making decisions and solving problems.
  • Judgment is generally sound and reasonable.
  • Decisions are well thought out.
  • Effectively analyzes problems and formulates practical solutions.
  • Exhibits a high degree of decision Making ability.
  • Takes responsibility for consequences and decisions.
  • Finds unique ways to effectively resolve problems.
  • Promotes an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.
  • Encourages and supports others.
  • Provides information, assistance and guidance to others to help them perform their responsibilities.
  • Volunteers and offers suggestions. Shows courtesy and respect.
  • Creates a climate for comfortable expression of ideas.
  • Develops and maintains smooth and effective working relationships with [co-workers], [supervisors], [subordinates] etc.
  • Uses positive methods of interactions with others.
  • Discusses and explains information with others effectively.
  • Produces accurate, well-presented and thorough written documents, records and reports.


  • Accepts change.
  • Understand the unit’s mission/vision.
  • Develops very good working relationships.
  • Always displays a cooperative attitude and shares knowledge.
  • Effectively adapts to change.
  • Displays a positive attitude towards the mission/vision.
  • Expresses the value of working as a team.
  • Seeks ways to share knowledge or mentor co-workers.
  • Embraces change and helps others to adapt.
  • Demonstrates a total commitment to the mission/vision.


  • Volunteers for special assignments.
  • Willingly helps and assists others.
  • Anticipates needs and takes appropriate steps to meet those needs.
  • Accepts responsibility and performs responsibilities with limited supervision.
  • Willingly accepts direction and is open to new ideas.
  • Demonstrates willingness to learn and grow professionally.
  • Demonstrates independent thinking and a desire to seek additional challenges.
  • Can be counted upon to complete duties and responsibilities accurately and on-time.
  • Utilizes time well and sets appropriate priorities.
  • Follows through with plans.
  • Knows when to ask for help when work loads or critical work assignments demand it.
  • Accepts responsibility and new job assignments.

Overall Performance

  • Exhibits an interest and attempts to improve performance.
  • Duties and responsibilities are regularly met and often exceeded.
  • Projects completed have made measurable improvements to the position and department.
  • Always strives for a high level of performance.
  • Duties and responsibilities are always met and exceeded.
  • Projects completed have provided a significant…
  • High level of performance achieved by few.

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