A really smart colleague of mine made me aware of a plugin called Reflixil associated with Reflector (also  ILSpy) that actually allows you to modify an assembly! At first this may not seem like the most useful feature, in truth you could open the solution in Visual Studio, make the change you need and hit build. However, the long tail of platform support can make this simple act a relatively arduous process, and in this case I am trying to make a change that is simple, temporary and for a developer environment.


My preferred assembly inspection tool is Telerik's JustDecompile, it also has an assembly editing plugin developed by one Sebastian Lebatron, a repackaged version of Reflexil.


You could probably get all the information you need from a hang dump, but not everyone is comfortable with WinDbg, this tool gives you some fairly straightforward options for editing objects and even includes a strong name remover.

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