When you are in a medium to large size company the yearly reviews become a really important opportunity to reflect on your own work year, just as importantly is the way in which it allows you to provide necessary feedback on your peers. We all know this is important but it is also very stressful, you have to try summarize a year and like most critical tasks it can feel overwhelming the closer you get to missing your deadline.

This year I am once again summarizing some of the ways I approach work reviews with my extended team. In our company this process is not the sole responsibility of the manager, but each team member gets to make positive comments on their peers to help develop a complete picture of the year.

This year I have elected to summarize the comments by technical role, and I will look back at this list not just for a cynical copy and paste, but as way to get a bit of inspiration for appropriate wording and phrasing for deserving team mates. I hope it helps you also!

Technical Engineer

  • Possesses that rare set of skills necessary to turn unique and useful ideas into reality.
  • An exceptional technical talent with a consistent, positive and bright attitude.
  • brings a combination of gregarious personality, customer service, and technical capability to any critical task she is assigned to.
  • Her commitment to meeting complicated and detailed customer needs, combined with her tenacity and strong technical knowledge truly stand out.
  • Most important of all is a decent and caring person who treats others with the utmost respect. This reflects in the quality of works she produces and the positive way our team interacts.
  • She is an extremely talented software engineer and a quality person. Her ability to recognize complex yet hidden patterns in software requirements and design always stands out, and she has proven many times her ability to innovate to meet business needs.

Technical Lead/Architect

  • Her ability to distill complex problems to their root causes and to prioritize competing needs have been critical to our success.
  • As a technology leader she has repeatedly integrated cutting edge technology into a consistent and reliable developer operations. Constantly driving toward a standard of excellence and continuous improvement. Her hard work was expressed in the outstanding results that reflected positively on the entire division.
  • is an innovative, creative, tireless and dedicated person with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and acumen.
  • designed a wide variety of complex network and infrastructure systems, providing substantive improvements in reliability, availability, cost and services.

Technology Manager/Director

  • Her professional, calm demeanor and the respect generated by her technical expertise were critical to our success. Her ability to evaluate a situation, deliberately share responsibility and carefully ensure success is rare commodity among technical staff. It is this ability to balance technical requirements against business knowledge and insight that causes her to stand head and shoulders above her peers.
  • reported to me and was a driving force for positive change in the security of our software development lifecycle. Her innovative and business-savvy approach sets her apart.
  • is an stand out manager and consummate professional. Her expertise in the broad field of security, especially as related to Internet and electronic applications, is rarely paralleled by others in the industry.
  • Professional, attentive and proactive manager who knows how to strikes the precise balance between technical leadership and people leadership. As a leader of people she has earned the respect of every one of her reports and succeeds in motivating them to excellence.
  • She has provided expert leadership for years across industries, and is relied upon as a person who can help solve the most complex and difficult business problems.

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